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Next General Meeting:

Sunday, March 6th, 2 - 4:30 pm • Meeting Room, Maritime Museum of the Atlantic

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3rd Annual Commemorative Event

Sunday, April 17th, 1-4 pm • Small Craft Gallery, Maritime Museum of the Atlantic

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Inaugural Memorial Mass

Saturday, June 11th, 11 am • Mount Olivet Cemetery Titanic gravesite

About Us

The Titanic Society of Atlantic Canada (TSAC) was incepted in autumn 2012 by a small, enthusiastic group of individuals sharing an interest in all things Titanic. The TSAC was incorporated as a non-profit society on February 20th in Halifax, Nova Scotia. An inaugural public meeting was held at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic in Halifax on April 14th, 2013

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Our Society
The Society will meet bi-monthly, 5 times per year (we will not be meeting during the summer). In addition to planned bi-monthly meetings, we also keep connected via Twitter and FaceBook.
You are invited to join the Society to enhance your appreciation, review literature and findings, and add to the knowledge of the Titanic tragedy and its ties to Atlantic Canada.

Titanic Society of Atlantic Canada Objectives
On a volunteer and non-profit basis, the objectives are:
• educate the public about the RMS Titanic and its tragic loss on April 15th, 1912
• research the vessel, the circumstances of its loss, and the tragedy, as relevant to Atlantic Canada
• publicize the RMS Titanic, other related vessels, and associated sites in Atlantic Canada, and to assist the public, authors and scholars
• advocate for the RMS Titanic tragedy connection to Atlantic Canada

We are currently updating and redesigning our website so there are a number of links that are not quite active and content that is not online yet, Please bear with us as we move forward in this endevor,!

Titanic Sites

Below is a partial list of Titanic Related location within the Atlantic Provinces

Fairview Cemetary

Click for more information

Mount Olivet Cemetery

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Baron de Hirsch Cemetery

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Cable Wharf

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If you have any questions about our society or about the Titanic as it relates to the Atlanic Provinces, send us a note at